Data Entry Jobs

Job Responsibilities : Data Entry Intern, Remote (reward based)

Salary : ?22022 Per Month

Company : T S Project Eagle

Location : Remote IN

Educational requirements : Graduate

This is a remote position.

ALTERNATE TITLES Operations Administrator


Project X


We are looking for a Data Entry Intern to update and maintain information on our company databases and computer systems.

Data Entry Intern responsibilities include collecting and entering data in databases and maintaining accurate records of valuable company information. Our ideal candidate has essential data entry skills and familiarity with spreadsheets and Software entries. You are responsible for data management of business operations: research purchase sales support to operations team and CEO.

Ultimately a successful intern will be responsible for maintaining accurate up-to-date and useable information in our systems.


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Project Eagle is hiring for Project X.

Founded in 2020 by Tarang Sanghi Project X is an innovation lab based in Jaipur RJ (India) at its stealth-startup phase. Our lab’s designed to create and launch new companies products and services. It’s invaluable in jump-starting novel ideas that can either disrupt or complement existing companies. We draw from our cross-functional expertise and collaborate to create these new offerings. We come up with new ideas execute them and iterate until the idea is fully implemented. For more details: Currently we are putting together a team of the best and the brightest! We look forward to receiving your application!!


Some of your responsibilities will include:

  • Compile verify accuracy and sort information according to priorities to prepare source data for computer entry.
  • Review data for deficiencies or errors correct any incompatibilities if possible and check the output.
  • Research and obtain further information for incomplete documents.
  • Apply data program techniques and procedures.
  • Generate reports store completed work in designated locations and perform backup operations.
  • Respond to queries for information and access relevant files.
  • Scan documents and print files when needed.
  • Transcript meetings and write MOMs whilst keeping information confidential.
  • Comply with data integrity and security policies.


We offer competitive salary and benefits.

Graduate (any stream); additional computer training or certification will be an asset. Basic data entry work experience. Experience with MS Office and data programs. Familiarity with administrative duties. Typing speed and accuracy. Excellent knowledge of correct spelling grammar and punctuation. Attention to detail. Organization skills with an ability to stay focused on assigned tasks.

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